8 vessels discharging drilling equipment, urea at Onne port

Onne Port

Stakeholders such as shipping agents and freight forwarders are currently busy at Onne Port Complex , Onne in Rivers State, Nigeria as a total of eight vessels are currently discharging drilling equipment, bulk urea and general cargo.

The vessels, according to a shipping position issued by the management of the port, arrived in the port in the last 48 hours.

MV Zea Color and MV Kota Buana came into the port with general cargo. Their shipping agents are MFN and PIL. The drilling equipment was brought into the country through the port by MV Africa Vision, MV Prince Jascon , MV Ava J Mccall and MV Bourbon Libeccio. They are serviced by these following shipping agents Intels and Fortune Marine.

The remaining five vessels were inballast, according to the shipping position.

However, a total of fourteen vessels are expected to arrive in the port before the month of March ends. Their cargoes include liquefied natural gas, general cargo/containers, drilling fluid, urea, etc.



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