90% of our seafarers are vaccinated against COVID-19 – Grimaldi

Cruise Europa

Grimaldi Group says it has ensured that 90 percent of seafarers and others personnel onboard its ships receive the anti-Covid vaccine.

The Group noted that since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has implemented and constantly updated specific health protocols on all its ro-pax vessels, in compliance with current regulations.

According to a statement, in parallel, the Group has worked hard to ensure that the personnel onboard its ships receive the anti-Covid vaccine as soon as possible. Thanks to these efforts and to the sensitivity and cooperation of local and national authorities, today about 90% of seafarers employed on Grimaldi Lines ships have received at least the first dose of vaccine. This share is expected to reach 100% by the end of July – an eagerly awaited and significant milestone, as it is indicative of an even safer journey for both crews and passengers.

The Managing Director of Grimaldi Group Emanuele Grimaldi said “There is no possible recovery without safety, and a rapid, widespread and effective vaccination campaign is the only way to finally leave the pandemic behind us. With our Covid-free vessels, we are doing our part in responsibly supporting the revival of tourism and the economy in general.”

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