Airlines to generate $29.3 billion profit in 2020

Airline industry will produce a net profit of $29.3 billion in 2020, improved over a net profit of $25.9 billion expected in 2019.

If achieved, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecast, 2020 will mark the industry’s 11th consecutive year in the black. 

According to the forecast, highlights of expected 2020 performance include:

The return on invested capital is forecast to be 6.0% (improved from 5.7% expected in 2019).

The net profit margin is forecast at 3.4% (up from 3.1% for 2019).

Overall industry revenues are forecast to reach $872 billion (+4.0% on $838 billion in 2019).

Industry operating expenses are projected to climb 3.5% to $823 billion from $796 billion in 2019.

Passenger numbers are expected to reach 4.72 billion (up 4.0% from 4.54 billion in 2019).

Freight tonnes carried are expected to recover to 62.4 million, a 2.0% increase over 61.2 million tonnes carried in 2019, which was the lowest figure in three years. 

Stronger economic growth should support passenger traffic (RPKs) growth of 4.1% similar to 2019 (4.2%) but below historical trends. 

Average net profit per departing passenger of $6.20 ($5.70 in 2019).

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