ANLCA leaders root for Nwarinme as next PTML Chapter Chairman

As the tenure of the executive of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), PTML Chapter, in Tin Can Island, Lagos, nears the expiry date, a lot of notable members of the chapter have indicated interests to contest for the office of the chairman, which is presently occupied by Elder Oluwole Obe, a seasoned licensed customs agent. 

A date for the election is yet to be announced by the national body of the association due to a political logjam. However, this logjam has not in any way deterred members from exercising and plotting their political strategies to wrestle power from Elder Oluwole Obe, whose tenure is said to have witnessed moderate development in the port.

While acknowledging the fact that Elder Oluwole Obe at this crucial time has done his best to salvage customs job in the chapter, the leaders of thoughts in the chapter have told PortNews that the chapter deserves more than this and needs a pragmatic person to emerge as the chairman after the next election.   

The leaders of thoughts noted that all members who are eyeing the office of the chairman are eminently qualified. But to them, Chief Sunday Nwarinme, the current Vice-Chairman, who is yet to declare his intention for the office, is the most suitable for the office among those who have been touted to be jostling for the office.

They told PortNews that whenever he declares his interest, they are going to root for him as the next chairman because he is capable, intelligent, and passionate about the job while assisting his principal, Elder Oluwole Obe, to perform in the port than other contestants. They added that Nwarinme has a better understanding of the workings of all relevant public and private organisations in the port than those jostling.

The chapter leaders maintained that they would support Chief Sunday Nwarinme to become the next chairman because he is always on the ground providing leadership to members whenever they encounter challenges in the course of clearing their cargo.

“We see a better PTML chairman in Chief Sunday Nwarinme; he is always here in the port; he is not aloof; his presence with us even in our makeshift secretariat confirms that he is a credible leader. He gives constant support to our members whenever they have difficulties in clearing their cargo from the port. Our chapter needs a resident chairman who can be called upon at any time.

“This affirms our trust and belief in him; he can make the chapter greater than it is. He is our candidate. And we are going to prevail on him to contest. We will give him our support hundred percent to succeed the incumbent chairman. Whenever a date for the election is announced by our parent body, we shall work assiduously for him to be victorious,” said the opinion leaders.

To show their seriousness, the leaders of thoughts vowed to purchase the chairmanship ticket for Chief Sunday Nwarinme and even foot all the campaign expenses for him.

“We are going to do all these to bring a change to the PTML Chapter of ANLCA. We can no longer entrust the soul and heart of our chapter into the hands of people who are in the race only to feather their nests. We deserve a better ANLCA here. We are patiently waiting for the election programme,” said the leaders.   

They therefore called on all members of ANLCA in the chapter to lend him their unflinching support.

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