APM Terminals considered future operator of US Greenfield multimodal container terminal

APM Terminals is being considered as the future operator of a greenfield multimodal container terminal in the US.

Plaquemines Port and APM Terminals have announced an agreement to work together to discuss the future design of the Plaquemines Port Harbor and Terminal District (PPHTD) in Louisiana,  including the consideration of APM Terminals as the future terminal operator.

The facility is in the early stages of development as a deepwater container terminal in Plaquemines Parish. Located on the Mississippi River, 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the gateway port would cater to exporters and importers who could tap into the multimodal routing options from the rail, truck and river-going container vessels.

Wim Lagaay, CEO of APM Terminals North America, said: “The appeal of Plaquemines protected river port location and export/import market strength makes this a very unique supply chain offering for customers and our growth ambitions. We look forward to working with PPHTD, their partners and with state and local leaders to ensure the port is set up for long-term success.”

Green terminal

The proposed container terminal will be powered by a combination of LNG and electricity. It will encompass up to 1,000 acres and 8,200 feet of Mississippi River frontage just 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The special focus will be on utilizing modern infrastructure technology for withstanding storm surge and wind damage.

Phase one of construction is expected to take as little as two years and will deliver the capability to handle 22,000-TEU class vessels with the ability to expand capacity if needed.

Louisiana 23 Development Company serves as the exclusive private development partner for Plaquemines Port by providing financial solutions and funding alternatives to support port development such as rail, warehousing and utilities. American Patriot Holdings will provide marine transportation services to the Port’s inland partner network including St. Louis, Memphis, Joliet, Kansas City, Cairo, and Western Arkansas.

PPHTD executive director, Sandy Sanders, said: “Partnering with APM Terminals to work together on this project is a huge win for the State of Louisiana.”

The agreement represents a formal discussion phase whereby both parties will conduct multiple studies prior to making a final investment decision.

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