APMT, ENL, ABLT, others to handle 21 vessels at Apapa port

By Adegboyega Oni

Terminal operators at Lagos Port Complex, Apapa in Lagos are rolling up the sleeves of their shirts now as over 20 vessels are expected between September 11 and 28, 2019 to berth at the port.

Within this period, nine (9) shipping agencies – Blue Star, Cosco, CMA CGM, PIL, Tiger, Peak Maersk, Golden, Allray, Blue Sea and Ekenel Nig Limited – will also have their hands full as they will be busy providing logistic support for the expected vessels.

According to a statistic on the movement of ships obtained by PortNews from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the vessels are laden with base oil, bitumen, fish, wheat, sugar, PMS, gas, containers and general cargo.    

A total of nine vessels – CMA CGM Opal, CMA CGM Jamaica, ANL Wyong, JPO Velpecula, MSK Cunene, ALS Juno, Kota Kasturi, Kota Setia and Kota Sempena laden with containers – will berth at APM Terminals Limited. CMA CGM Nigeria Limited, Mearsk Line, PIL  and Cosco are the shipping agencies for the nine vessels destined to berth at APM Terminals.

Dangote Refinery will provide support for four vessels – Dong Bang Gaint No1, Kota Bakat. Fan Zhou 9 and Guo Rui laden with general cargo. Shipping agency for the vessels is Blue Star.

Apapa Bulk Terminal will within the period handle 3 vessels – Desert Calm, Desert Oasis and Furuholmen; all laden with wheat, sugar and base oil as Allray Nigeria Limited and Golden Nigeria Limited will handle all their shipping logistic.

Green Bodo, laden with700 metric tonnes of fish, is expected to berth today at ENL terminal. Ekenel Nigeria Limited will provide support for the vessel in the discharge of its cargo.

Intership agency will provide logistic support to relieve Elkaathina vessel that will berth at SBM terminal on September 13. The vessel is laden with PMS.

At NOJ terminal, Furu Holmen vessel laden with 6200 metric tonnes of base oil, is already discharging as Peak Shipping is currently providing support.

8000 metric tonnes of bulk gas will be shipped into Lister terminal by Innovator  and Tiger Shipping  is expected to provide support for the vessels when it arrives on September 14.

3500 metric tonnes of bitumen will be discharged by Iver Ambassador at Wabeco terminal as BlueSea will provide logistic support to relieve the vessel of its burden.

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