Clarion Bonded Terminal honours Assistant Comptroller Etsu

L-R: The news OC Terminal, Deputy Comptroller Mohammed Bappa; Assistant Comptroller Mohammed Yusuf, immediate past OC Terminal; Mrs. Bernardine Ifeoma Eloka, Vice President of Clarion Shipping West Africa Limited, and Mr. Frank Okocha, Executive Director, Clarion Bonded Terminal

The Vice President, Clarion Shipping West Africa Limited, owners of Clarion Bonded Terminals, Mrs. Bernardine Ifeoma Eloka has commended Assistant Comptroller Mohammed Yusuf Etsu for his indelible contributions to the growth of the bonded terminal while serving as the Officer in Charge (OC).

The Clarion Bonded Terminal boss commended Assistant Comptroller Etsu at a send-forth party organized in his honour by the management of Clarion in the terminal in Lagos yesterday.

Eloka noted that her terminal experienced tremendous growth during the period Etsu served in the terminal as a result of his quick disposition to trade facilitation.

‘’We have said it without reservations as it was during the tenure of Assistant Comptroller Etsu Mohammed that Clarion not only expanded but diversified to container barging operations which have tremendously enhanced maritime transport business generally and assisted our establishment to remain in business in the face of all odds,’’ said Eloka, who welcomed the new OC Terminal, Deputy Comptroller Mohammed Bappa.

She noted that Clarion weathered the storm of business by virtue of Etsu’s relentless efforts, saying ‘’we hope the incoming O/C Terminal will not hesitate to sustain this harmonious relationship while we pledge to continually cherish this wonderful support by the Nigeria Customs Service.’’

Speaking, Assistant Comptroller Etsu, who said he was elated by the honour, said the terminal is successful because of the various strategic marketing plans including wooing importers put in place by Mrs. Bernardine Ifeoma Eloka which have sustained the belief of importers and customs agents in the operations of the terminal.

Thanking the terminal for the honour, he noted that when he was transferred to the terminal, there was little or nothing happening but with the cooperation of the terminal management with the Nigeria Customs Service, business picked up.

Assuring stakeholders that his successor, Deputy Comptroller Mohammed Bappa, would maintain the tempo of the success, Etsu noted that the major challenge was the heavy vehicular traffic from the main port to the bonded terminal which hindered a free-flow of container transfer but said it was surmountable as containers were transferred overnight.

In terms of compliance with import guidelines, Etsu scored the terminal and customs agents operating in the terminal 80%, saying ‘’there is an 80% level of compliance in the terminal. It is not possible to have 100% compliance. Sometimes we do have hiccups but we overcome them by engaging various sections like Enforcement, CIU to tackle any the hiccups.’’

Speaking, Deputy Comptroller Mohammed Bappa called on the stakeholders in the terminal to join hands together with the Nigeria Customs Service to move the terminal forward, saying ‘’it is our vision as customs officers to always do the needful in our duty.’’

Speaking on behalf of other stakeholders in the terminal, Pastor Alloy Orji commended Etsu for a seamless cargo clearance in the terminal and enjoined the new OC Terminal, Bappa, to sustain this and appealed to the management of the terminal to provide an enabling environment for customs agents to operate.  

In his remark, Mr. Frank Okocha, Executive Director, Clarion Bonded Terminals, welcomed Bappa and called on him to sustain the tempo of growth of the terminal as laid down by his predecessor. He noted that his predecessor succeeded because he carried everyone along. ‘’If you continue on this footstep or do better than him, it will be in the interest of all. Clarion is at the top even in the heat of a crisis. We will work closely with you to meet your target here and even surpass it.’’    

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