Court frees ANLCA’s ASECO Chairman as associates charge him to seek redress 

Barr Onyimba Enekwechi

By Adegboyega Oni

However tick darkness is, a strike of light evaporates it; so does truth always prevail over falsehood. On the 12th day of February 2019, truth eventually prevailed over falsehood as the Honourable Justice N. N. Neboh of the Enugu Judicial Division of Enugu State discharged and acquitted Barrister Onyimba Raymond Enekwechi, the Chairman of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA’s) Association Electoral Commission (ASECO), in a case (# E/166C/2014) instituted against him by his political adversaries.

In the resumed hearing of the case, the trial Judge, Justice Neboh discharged and acquitted Barrister Onyimba Enekwechi for lack of the prosecutor’s due diligence in the matter. In the words of the Justice Neboh: “It is here by ordered pursuant to S. 195 of the Administration of Justice law of Enugu state 2017, that the charge be and is hereby struck out and the accused person be and is hereby discharged.”

Reacting over the victory of Barrister Onyimba Enekwechi in the court, his associates in the forum of Concerned Customs Brokers thanked God for the victory and charged him to seek redress in the court for injustice done to him.

The leader of the Concerned Customs Brokers, Chief Osita Mbonu noted that the court case was politically by his adversaries to bar him from contesting future elections to either the chairmanship of Agwu LG Council in Enugu State or even aspire to higher positions.

Chief Osita Mbonu asked how Barrister Enekwechi would without being harassed again and again exercise his freedom and right to contest election despite the court relief.

‘’For an innocent person like Barr Enekwechi to be so viciously accused by political opponents and in the process, has to be forcefully detained for long days, with all the accompanying trauma, especially to his family, friends and business associates, for five long years, is very callous, to say the least.

‘Clearly, Barr Onyimba has been up against certain political forces in Enugu state, which has the state coercive apparatus behind them, such that any attempt to enforce his fundamental human rights in court, they immediately and forcefully resist such moves.

‘’No matter how long, truth shall always prevail over falsehood. This fact was re-echoed at the resumed hearing of suit # E/166C/2014 instituted against Barr Onyimba Enekwechi by his political adversaries, as the trial Judge discharged and acquitted Barr Onyimba, for lack of the prosecutor’s due diligence in the matter.

‘’In a suit that has witnessed the greatest man’s inhumanity to man, accentuated by crass political greed, greatest wickedness that can ever be perpetuated in this whole wide world, and lasting for the better part of five years, God Almighty has finally stepped in to vindicate the innocence of Chief Barrister Onyimba Raymond Enekwechi, through the pronouncement of the Honourable Justice N. NNeboh of the High Court of Enugu Judicial Division–the presiding Judge in the suit under reference, on the 12th day of February 2019.

‘’Question now is, how does Barrister Onyimba guarantee the observance of his constitution alright, as a free citizen of Nigeria to contest future elections to either the chairmanship of Agwu LG Council in Enugu State or even aspire to higher positions, without being harassed again and again, with similar issues that have finally been decided by Justice Neboh in suit # E/166C/2014?

‘’Secondly, how does Barr Onyimba get reprieves/remedies for his publicly maligned image and the financial losses suffered during those harrowing and psychologically depressive periods?

‘’It will really not be out of place, if Barr Onyimba Enekwechi seeks redness, state protection and compensation from the courts of law and also, bring to justice those that have brought him to this public odium, said Chief  Osita Mbonu.


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