Danish Lindø port of Odense orders Liebherr LHM 800 crane

Representatives from Lindø port of Odense and Liebherr Rostock. From left to right: Roman Chopyk (Sales Manager, Liebherr Rostock); Andreas Müller (Sales Director, Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes); Christian Kruse Trillingsgaard (Technical Manager, Lindø port of Odense); Carsten Aa (CEO, Lindø port of Odense); Leopold Berthold (Managing Director, Liebherr Rostock); Aron Boysen (Sales Manager, Liebherr Denmark), Sara Glasewald (Project Manager, Liebherr Rostock)

Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane has disclosed that Lindø port of Odense had placed an order for its LHM 800 crane.

The new machine, according to Liebherr, has a lifting capacity of up to 308 tonnes and a lifting height of 96.7 meters above quay thanks to a custom-made multilayer winch. The LHM 800 will enable the Lindø port of Odense to cope with the huge offshore wind turbines of tomorrow.

Lindø port of Odense is Denmarks largest port by area. It compromises 6.4 million square metres and will be further expanded within 2020 for ongoing developments. The port is located strategically between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and offers world class facilities to the offshore wind industry. In order to be geared for future offshore wind turbines Lindø port of Odense has just signed a purchase agreement on the world’s largest port mobile crane at Liebherr in Rostock.

The unique and custom-built heavy lift mobile harbour crane type LHM 800 is equipped with a high-rise tower extension that makes it to the world’s largest and strongest mobile harbour crane ever built by the German manufacturer Liebherr. The huge piece of Liebherr mobile harbour crane technology has a lifting capacity of up to 308 tonnes and a lifting height of 96.7 meters above quay thanks to a custom-made multi-layer winch.

‘’With the purchase of the world’s largest mobile harbour crane, Lindø port of Odense has the strongest and biggest mobile harbour crane and is thus geared to deal with the future offshore wind turbines. The built-in electric motor of the LHM 800 simultaneously saves Lindø port of Odense up to 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and makes the crane emission free at the same time as the power is produced by windmills. With the installed 300 metres cable drum, the crane can travel up to 600 metres at the quay.

‘’The crane complements the port’s existing crane portfolio. In combination with the current Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbour crane, the new crane will enable the Lindø port of Odense to cope with the huge offshore wind turbines of tomorrow in tandem lift mode. As one of the few ports in the world, Lindø will be able to lift 400-ton nacelles to offshore wind farms exclusively with mobile cranes, and at the same time, the mega crane offers good opportunities for maximum use of the new port extension. For the major customers of Lindø port of Odense, the new LHM 800 also means faster handling of steel scrap and thus thus shorter quay lay times for the ships,’’ noted Liebherr.

Speaking on the machine, Carsten Aa, CEO at Lindø port of Odense  has this to say “With the purchase of the new mega crane, LINDØ port of ODENSE is cementing its key role as one of the world’s largest port players in the green transition with unique production facilities for the future of the future offshore wind turbines. We can see that the good sizes are getting bigger and bigger. We are meeting that development now with this investment so that we can continue to contribute to facilitating green workplaces within sustainable energy production.” Liebherr noted that the recent order of the LHM 800 for Lindø port of Odense marked the second Liebherr mobile harbour crane type LHM 800 for Denmark in 2019. The trend towards handling equipment for ever larger offshore wind turbines continues and Liebherr offers the most sophisticated and convincing harbour crane technology on the market with the LHM 800. In addition, Liebherr offers individual solutions that are precisely tailored to the customer’s needs and provide the customer with a precisely fitting product.

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