Expert urges government to give legislative support to metal services in Nigeria

From left, Chief Executive Officer, Leadway Health, Dr Tokunbo Alli, Mrs Adejoke Olowookere, CEO of Greyhub Therapeutic Centre, Dr Olusola Olowookere and his mentor, Area Medical Lead of Imagine Market, Dr Olukunle Oladehin disclosure during the Grand Opening of the Greyhub Therapeutic Centre heal in Lagos on Thursday.

The Federal of Nigeria and state governments have been urged to put in place legislature to support the provision of mental health services in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Grey Hub Therapeutic Centre, Dr. Olusola Olowookere, made the disclosure during the Grand Opening of the Greyhub Therapeutic Centre in Lagos on Thursday.

According to him, if the government provides more psychiatric hospitals, that would enable less privileged people to approach such facilities which would be subsidies to better their health status.

“My facilities are privately owned but the government could subsidize such service to people who genuinely cannot afford it and we will provide them with the help that they need.

“So the government needs to do more regarding awareness in the provision of services so that at the end of the day cumulative efforts between the government and private sector will enhance the stable and wellspring of everybody,” Olowookere said.

He advised Nigerians to always understand early warning signs that could cause trouble for them as a result of having sleepless nights constant headaches and so on.

Olowookere said that it was important for people to discover their health status at an early stage and also normalize the conversation to enable people to be comfortable in discussing their health issues.

“Such facilities like Greyhub Therapeutic are practiced in the United State and I know how the emotional and mental well-being of people is privatized as well as the services available to cater for the treatment.

“I decided to replicate what happened in the developed countries so that we have that kind of facilities in Nigeria whereby people can be able to work into a place and get help for their mental and emotional problems,” he said.

He, however, said that the Greyhub mission was to provide health facility and they took a holistic responsive and innovative approach to offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient support to Nigerians.

He appreciated his parents Prof. Jide Olowookere and Mrs. Adejoke Olowookere and his in-law for providing all he needed which had made him a successful man.

The CEO of Greyhub Therapeutic also appreciated Dr. OlukunleĀ  Oladeyon for his great mentorship opportunity and thanks to all friends and families who witnessed the grand opening of the center.

In his remarks, the Area Medical Lead of Imagine Market, Dr. Olukunle Oladehin, appealed to Government to address the issue of stigmatization and create enabling environment to allow people to come out and express themselves.

He said that Greyhub was a facility that could help mental health disorders persons and emotional trauma persons to manage their health and have a good quality of life and avoid sigma.

Oladehin said mental health was a problem affecting people in the country adding that such investment like Greyhub therapeutic would help in solving such problems.

He, however, urged Nigerians to always visit hospitals and asked them to visit therapeutic centres when people recommend enabling them to enjoy quality health.

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