GEODIS aims to give female staff 25% of its leadership positions by 2023

GEODIS handling cargo

GEODIS, a global supply chain operator, is set to give 25% of its leadership positions to its female employees by 2023 as unfolded by Mario Ceccon, Executive Vice President Human Resources while speaking during the annual GEODIS Women’s Network (GWN) summit held yesterday.

And to achieve this, GEODIS has structured an internal women’s network to give both its male and female employees opportunities to express themselves, make suggestions, initiate or support actions that contribute positively to gender equality and that help increase the number of women in leadership positions.

According to a press statement issued by GEODIS, the network is also intended to improve the reputation of the logistics and transport industry, a field traditionally dominated by men, to one with an image of greater equality and attractiveness to women.

GWN, over the next 3 years, would concentrate its actions of studying and harmonizing possible wage disparities, establishing a program aimed at placing more women in leadership positions and increasing the recruitment of women and women’s representation in the transport and logistics industry as a whole.

The network’s other objective is to re-align the sector’s image by promoting actions that encourage women to make a career choice to join a logistics and transport organization.

According to Mario Ceccon, “We want to continue the action we have already initiated and given women the means to access key positions. Our goal is to increase the number of women in managerial positions. At 13% in 2017, women now hold 18% of leadership positions. We are aiming for 25% by 2023.

“With a woman as CEO, GEODIS is already signaling loud and clear that women have access to leadership positions.”

The GWN is a worldwide network open to all employees, supported by senior management, and energized by an active steering committee made up of women and men from various countries in which the Group is active (France, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, the USA, etc.), and representative of various functions such as Human Resources, Operations and the Group Management Board. The GWN acts to promote inclusion, reduce professional disparities between men and women, improve the balance between work and private life and provide equal career prospects.

“We encourage women to access positions offered in the transport and logistics industry. Our program will help to change an outdated, male-dominated image of our sector,’’ concluded Mario Ceccon.


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