GEODIS scored A on fighting climate change

GEODIS handling cargo

A global logistics provider GEODIS has been scored A by CDP for the second consecutive year based on its approach to integrating its suppliers in its actions aimed at imposing stricter CO2 emissions standards for vehicles at the European Union level.

According to a statement by GEODIS, the score A is associated with companies that are environmental leaders. For ten years now, the Group has pursued its goal of reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and fighting climate change.

The statement stated that evaluated every year since 2014, GEODIS has been awarded an A- score by CDP, an international not-for-profit charity, whose mission is to encourage companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Only 14% of the 5,800 companies assessed by CDP worldwide in 2020 received an equivalent or higher rating. 

Reacting to the development, Marie-Christine Lombard, GEODIS Chief Executive Officer, said “at GEODIS, we are convinced that our success resides as much with controlling our environmental, social and societal impact as it does in our economic performance. For this reason, GEODIS implemented an exemplary corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy ten years ago. To put our convictions into practice, we act on what we can do directly to reduce our environmental impact while also working with others in the sector, particularly with our suppliers and customers. 

“The CDP A- score is an indication of GEODIS’ transparency with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and the robust, exhaustive analysis that we carry out in order to identify, mitigate and manage environmental risks with our suppliers. It is also the reflection of GEODIS’ commitment to the decarbonisation of road transport in the European Union” adds Cécile Bray, GEODIS’ CSR Director. In 2020, GEODIS was involved in the creation of the ECTA (European Clean Trucking Alliance). The Group also works with various institutions to support the development of low-emission vehicles. 

GEODIS is determined to become a major player in decarbonisation. 

GEODIS’ CSR policy is led at the highest level of the organisation and includes continuous monitoring of key international standard indicators as well as regular external evaluations. This approach contributes to the objectives of the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development programme. 

The GEODIS OXYGEN programme is structured around three areas of improvement: measuring, avoiding and reducing emissions, creating partnerships and recommending solutions. It is deployed at every level of the organisation with tailored action plans adapted to each entity.

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