Germany votes €16.8M grant for electric trucks

Similar electronic container trials in Sweden in 2016

Electric overhead line trucks will soon be tested on Germany’s federal roads. By 2019 a road between Gernsbach-Obertsrod and Kuppenheim (Rastatt) in Baden-Württemberg has been selected as the 6 kms test road.

The project has received the backing of a €16.8M federal grant awarded by the Minister for the Environment, Barbara Hendricks, which was presented to the Baden-Württemberg Minister for Transport, Winfried Hermann.

Later tests will also begin in the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hessian, also with federal support.

Each of the three roads selected for installation of pantographs has its own traffic character. In Baden-Württemberg the test will include a federal road through towns/villages.

According to Winifried Hermann, around 500,000 tpa of paper products are moved by various manufacturers along this road. He expects that electric overhead line trucks will in time account for more than 250,000 kms per year.

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