Greenview Development urges workers to make safety watchword

Greenview Development Nigeria Limited, operators of Terminal E in the Lagos Port Complex, Apapa, has declared that safety of all workforce in the terminal is non-negotiable while urging staff members to make safety their watchword at all times.

Greenview Development Nigeria Limited (GDNL), owned by Dangote Group, and other Dangote industries – Dangote Flour Mills, Dangote Sugar, Dangote Salt and Dangote Port Operation – situated in the terminal commemorated the 2019 World Day for Safety & Health at Work last week.

April 28 is a day set aside globally by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as the Day for Safety & Health at Work, to commemorate safety and educate workers on their safety at work. The theme of the 2019 edition is: A Safe, Healthy Future of Work.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Thabo Mabe, Managing Director of Dangote Flour Mills, told the workers that safety has become a behavioural way of doing things at Dangote Group and they must think safety and act safety always knowing that safety is not about themselves alone but others.

”We ensure that safety is number one on our priority list. It is not negotiable. We can negotiate other things but one thing we cannot negotiate is safety. It is non-negotiable. Safety is not for you alone but your colleagues too. Safety has become a behavioural way we do things at Dangote Group. Our workers must think about safety and act safety always,” noted Thabo Mabe.

Speaking on the topic: Challenging the Status Quo in Safety Management, Mr. James Adenuga, Group Lead, Health and Safety, Dangote Industries, noted that the port workers must pay attention to things that happen around them at all times.

Adenuga noted that the status quo in safety issues must be challenged at all times by workers in ensuring a better safe work environment, urging them to be proactive with the use of their five senses in determining dangerous situations.

On Safety and Health and the Future of Work, Mrs. Monica Nwosu, Principal Consultant/CEO, Freshfountain Consulting Limited, said the numbers of workers who lose their lives at work globally is alarming, saying that Health Safety Environment (HSE) officers need to be proactive on risky safety and health issues so as to make work place safer than it is now.

Nwosu noted that the future of work will be determined and shaped by technology, creativity/innovation, demographics and data analysis and for workers to remain relevant, they must be innovative and creative.

According to her, ”to remain relevant, workers must begin to look at how to create balance in work activities and how to effectively manage new and emerging risks especially as regards knowledge sharing, succession planning, and vulnerability of the workforce.

”Human induced change is a major factor transforming the world of work. Air pollution from coal mining, for example, directly impacts the health of miners, but also indirectly affects workers in other industries around the world, as well as the general public. While increase of green jobs and industries will promote low carbon societies and may reduce hazardous work in traditional sectors such as mining. Green jobs may also give rise to emerging and unknown risks such as exposure to chemical in recycling sector.

”The world of work is undergoing changes not the least the transformative effect of new technology, changing demographics and climate change and shift towards the green economy.”

She noted that it was important for government, employers and workers and other stakeholders to seize the opportunities at hand to create a safe and healthy future of work for all.

Other events to mark the day were health walk by workers, safety quiz competition and prize presentation to safety compliant staff.

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