Grimaldi Group to cut emissions by 50% with new 20 vessels in 2025

Group Managing Director of Grimaldi Group, Emanuele Grimaldi

The Group Managing Director of Grimaldi Group, Emanuele Grimaldi says that in the last 24 months, 12 vessels have joined the Group’s fleet and a further 20 will be delivered by 2025. The vessels can cut emissions by 50% compared to the previous generation vessels.

Emanuele Grimaldi stated this at the XXIV EuromedConvention From Land to Sea in Valencia, Spain, on October 8, 2021, while outlining a broad overview of the green present and future of the Group, the first Italian shipping group and a leading player in the Motorways of the Seas in Europe, underlining that 2020 and 2021 were characterized not only by resilience but also by very intense activity in terms of environmental sustainability.

 The focus of this 24th edition was the decarbonisation of maritime transport as a key to development for the international community. Reflecting the proactive role assumed by the maritime industry, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has recently presented to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) a detailed plan with all the urgent, necessary measures to achieve the zero net emissions goal by 2050.

“In the last 24 months, 12 newbuildings joined the Group’s fleet and a further 20 will be delivered by 2025. The newbuildings can cut emissions by 50% compared to the previous generation vessels.

 “Besides the fleet expansion plan, an important program of 220 green retrofit interventions was carried out, which included the application of environmentally friendly silicone paints, propulsion optimization devices, and the installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems.

 “During the summer of 2021, the Grimaldi Group completed the acquisition of some assets of Trasmediterránea, a historic brand of passenger and freight transport within Spain. Thanks to this operation, Grimaldi has strengthened its presence in domestic connections in Spain as well as in Spanish ports, which occupy a strategic position between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean,” said Emanuele Grimaldi.

 “Today, more than ever, the maritime industry is called upon to develop and apply the most innovative technological solutions to reduce harmful emissions”, declared Emanuele Grimaldi. “The crisis we have experienced has taught us that the world is confidently awaiting a new normal: it is the responsibility of all of us to understand the changes and to facilitate the decarbonisation process of maritime transport”.

 “I am proud to say that our Group has shown great resilience over the past 18 months. Despite the health and economic crisis and the total lack of state aid, we confirmed the investments planned for our fleet expansion and our proactive commitment to environmental sustainability”, concluded Grimaldi.

No fewer than 500 top players of the finance, transport, logistics, and port sectors attended the international summit organized by the Grimaldi Group. Titles of the two panels of the event were “The decarbonisation of the European Maritime Industry: challenges and prospects” and “MoS in the Western Mediterranean and their role in Europe’s Transport System.”

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