Hamburg Süd launches remote reefer monitoring

Hamburg Süd, part of the Maersk Group has presented its “future use of Remote Container Management (RCM)” at the Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin this week. This is an important move for the industry as it signals that Maersk Group has taken a significant step to unify the remote reefer management technology used by Maersk Line and Hamburg Süd.

When the Oetker family announced it was selling Hamburg Süd in 2016 WorldCargo News reported: “The sale could also be an important step in the shipping industry’s drive to go digital. Maersk has made a massive investment in its “RCM” remote container management system for reefer containers that uses technology from Orbcomm to communicate with the reefer controllers, whereas 98% of Hamburg Süd’s fleet is equipped with a Refcon RMM power-line modem from Emerson – a different technology”. This was viewed as something Maersk Line would inevitably address, and it was noted that Shereen Zarkani, Head of Reefer Management, Maersk Line had said that “Reefer visibility only makes sense if applied to the entire fleet”.

In a statement this week Hamburg Süd confirmed that Maersk Group has moved to have a single system across both carriers: “In recent months, all the reefer containers used by Hamburg Süd have been outfitted with RCM technology. Using satellite and mobile radio technology, RCM makes it possible to monitor the refrigerated container and the condition of the cargo inside it – including its location, temperature profile, relative humidity, and concentrations of oxygen and CO2 – around the clock and in real time. In addition, certain settings can be adjusted remotely”.

“RCM will be a genuine game changer for the important reefer market,” said Frank Smet, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Hamburg Süd. “The added value lies in the fact that customers can use this data not only to monitor their supply chain better, but also to make it significantly more efficient and secure.”

Hamburg Süd emphasised the fact that its technology is now unified with Maersk Line’s own RCM. “As part of the Maersk Group, Hamburg Süd can offer more than 370,000 reefer containers to its customers worldwide. This is the largest reefer fleet in the industry and, on top of that, every single one of them is outfitted with RCM, which ensures seamless availability of this innovative technology. This too, is unique in the industry. Testing is currently being conducted with customers, and RCM is scheduled to become available to all customers as from the third quarter of 2019”.

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