Hong Kong strikes hit cargo operations

Hundreds of flights from Hong Kong, the world’s busiest cargo airport, have been cancelled as protesters continue coordinated strikes that are bringing chaos to the city.

Pilots, flight crews and air traffic controllers are all reported to have joined city wide demonstrations.

Cathay Pacific Cargo said it does not foresee any freighter cancellations, but it expects the freighter operation to be affected by minor delays on certain flights. 

However, it asked customers to keep an eye on the latest flight information and added that several of its passenger flights had been cancelled.

A quick scan of the airport’s departure board updates shows that more than 100 passenger flights have been cancelled today.

On the freighter front, six departures have been cancelled today, affecting SpiceJet, Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), Emirates, Polar Air Cargo, UPS and Etihad.

Six arrivals have also been cancelled, affecting NCA, Emirates, Hong Kong Air Cargo, Etihad and SpiceJet.

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