Kalmar, Cummins to launch battery terminal tractor

In 2020, Kalmar and Cummins say they will launch a full battery terminal tractor for the European market with a Cummins drive system.

Diesel engine manufacturer Cummins has been working on full battery and “range extender battery hybrid” drive trains for some time now. In 2017 Cummins said it planned to invest US$500M over three years developing electric drivelines, and later that year unveiled its first full battery driveline for applications including buses. In 2018 Cummins launched a driveline for a Class 7 electric truck, called the AEOS.

Cummins has announced that Kalmar had selected it “to be the electrification solution provider for the next generation electric terminal tractor offering for the European market”. Kalmar already has an electric T2 terminal tractor in the US market, which uses a drive system from TransPower that incorporates a main drive motor and an Eaton transmission.

In comments to WorldCargo News, Kalmar and Cummins have clarified that the Cummins driveline for its European tractors “includes a centrally mounted motor without a transmission”. This is believed to be the same traction motor system that Cummins unveiled last year for the AEOS. That system featured 140kW lithium-ion battery pack and a traction motor with a peak output of 350 kW and a 225 kW continuous output rating.

Kalmar and Cummins have disclosed that the drive system for the European T2 will be slightly smaller. “Slated to be launched in 2020, the Kalmar electric terminal tractor will be equipped with a 107 kWh lithium-ion battery capable of DC fast charge. This means that operators can take advantage of opportunity charging during shift breaks. To maintain battery life, a thermal management system keeps it within the optimal temperature range, enabling the machine to operate in a range of climates. The Cummins driveline solution eliminates need for a transmission on a terminal tractor, simplifying the overall system and reducing maintenance needs”.

Kalmar added that the initial focus will be on its 4×2 product, with the 4×4 version to follow in 2021. “The battery packs are designed to be modular and scalable and onboard capacity can be increased if deemed the optimal approach,” Kalmar added. With regard to battery charging system, an automatic connection system will not be offered immediately, but Kalmar noted that “it is possible to expand the current charging platform to include automatic connection capability”.

“We’re excited to take on the next phase in our journey in providing electric solutions to industrial markets in collaboration with Kalmar,” said Julie Furber, Executive Director – Electrified Power, Cummins. “By combining Kalmar’s next-generation terminal tractor platform with our lithium-ion battery expertise and experience in system integration, we will be able to deliver market leading, optimized electric powertrain solutions for port and distribution customers.”

“In line with our commitment to have a comprehensive electric product portfolio by 2021, we’re delighted to announce that we will be releasing our second electric terminal tractor in 2020 with Cummins as our electrification solution provider,” said Gina Lopez, Vice President, Terminal Tractors, Kalmar. “We selected Cummins because of our longstanding co-operation in providing world-class drivetrain platforms, their global reach, and their strong commitment to leading the industry in electrification solutions.”


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