KLT Customs is conducive to cargo clearing – CAC Wushishi

Comptroller Lami Wushishi, Customs Area Controller, Kirikiri Lighter Terminal Command of Nigeria Customs Service, Apapa, Lagos

In the few months since Comptroller Lami Wushishi assumed office as the Customs Area Controller (CAC) of the Kirikiri Lighter Terminal Command (KLT) of the Nigeria Customs Service, the profile of the Command has been on the rise as it overshot its May 2017 duty target with a record figure. The KLT ambience is conducive to quick facilitation of cargo clearance as stakeholders can effortlessly access the terminal to pick their cargo without any hindrance by the oil tanker drivers. Comptroller Wushishi told PortNews exclusively that the first step she took was to call all stakeholders to find out their common problems, which were identified to include; difficulty by  truck drivers to access the place and the absence of a holding bay. “She stated that having regular stakeholders meetings enables critical issues/problems and possible solutions to be deliberated upon, with the aim of necessary implementation, so as to achieve fruitful results and ensure the command and its stakeholders achieve their set objectives. She said further: “Thankfully, we were able to get the cooperation of the oil tanker drivers to be orderly in parking their vehicles in a single line so as not to block other road users and ensure free vehicular movement in and out of the command”. Another major step that has endeared KLT Customs to freight forwarders lately is the modernisation of the cargo clearance facilitation process. “With the cooperation of all stakeholders, we have introduced a one-stop clearing process for container clearance. Once your documentations are in order and your consignment is legitimate, there is no stopping or delay in the release of such consignments at the command. We can rightfully say that we operate 24 hours clearance in tandem with the Executive Order of the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and the vision of the Comptroller General of Customs, Hameed Ali,” she explained. In addition, she pointed out that in collaboration with the Nigerian Ports Authority unauthorised persons are not allowed entry into the terminal, but persons with legitimate businesses are issued a port pass which guarantees entry and therefore limits the accessibility of touts into the terminal. Comptroller Wushishi expressed her appreciation for the cooperation extended to her Command by her colleagues and crucial stakeholders at the mother port, especially with regard to stemming of containers to KLT. “I like to thank my colleagues at the mother port, for occasionally conceding containers to be transferred to the KLT command, which is vital to our stay, as we hope and pray they increase the frequency of transfer, “she noted. Wushishi expressed optimism for a brighter future for KLT Command considering that the reconstruction of the Apapa port main roads has been provided for in the 2017 budget, which bodes well for the terminal and the stakeholders. “The Federal Government intends to do the roads this year, and this means they have good intentions for the port industry. On completion of the roads the command and other stakeholders in its environs will benefit immensely.” The Controller declared that she maintains on open-door policy as port users are free to call on her when the need arises “My doors are open to all our stakeholders” submitted Comptroller Wushishi.

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