Nigeria Customs denies favouring North in appointments


Comptroller-General of Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali

The Nigeria Customs Service has stated that all the zones of the country were equally represented in the recent appointments it carried out while denying the report that officers from the north were favoured more in the appointments than their counterparts from the south.

The Service added that vacancy for a new appointment is only made available through retirement resignation, dismissal or any natural cause and when any of the above occurs, such vacancies are filled by new appointments from the zone(s).

The Service stated this in a press statement issued by its National Public Relations Officer, Deputy Comptroller Joseph Attah.

 According to the statement, ‘’the attention of Nigeria Customs Service has continued to be drawn to a skewed narrative of Northernization following the recent appointments into the management cadre of the Service despite explanations by the Service at different times and fora.

‘’For the umpteenth time, the Service wishes to state as follows: That all the zones of the country are equally represented at the management cadre of NCS. Vacancy for a new appointment is only made available through retirement resignation, dismissal or any natural cause. When any of the above occurs, such vacancies are filled by new appointments from the zone(s).

‘’In the last few months, there have been retirements of 2 DCGs, one from the North-East and the other from the North-West. There were also 3 ACGs that exited the Service, 2 retired, 1 dismissed (1 from the North-East and 2 from North-West).

‘’Two DCG vacancies provided spaces for 2 Senior serving ACGs from the same zones of North-East and North-West to be appointed to the rank of DCG. This, therefore, increases the number of ACG vacancies to 5 which must be filled from the two zones that have the vacancies.

Consequently, in line with procedures, the following appointments in acting capacities were made: DCG Abdullahi Babani – HRD (North-East), DCG Mohammed Boyi – NCS TRADOC (North-West), Ag ACG Saidu Galadima – ICT /Modernization  (North-Central), ACG SM Modibo – Zone ‘B’ (North-East), ACG Uba Mohammed – E,I&I – ( North-West), ACG Hamza Gummi – T&T  North-West and ACG Usman Dankigari – Doctrine & Development (TRADOC) North-West.

Following the above appointments, the status of the Service Management stands as listed below. DCG Ed Chikan, FATS, North-Central; DCG RO Olubiyi, SR&P, South-West; DCG A Chidi, E,I&I, South-East; DCG TM Isah, T&T, North-Central; DCG P Iferi, FTZ, E&I,I, South-South; Ag.DCG A Babani, HRD, North-East; Ag.DCG MB Boyi, TRADOC, North-West; ACG AOB Fatade, HQ, South-West; ACG D Umaru, HRD, North-Central and ACG AM Aremu, FTZ, E&I,I, South-West.

Others were ACG CO Odibu, BOARD, South-East; ACG KC Ekekezie, ZONE A HQ, South-East; ACG EI Edorhe, ZONE C HQ, South-South; ACG K Ajiya, ZONE D HQ, North-East; ACG BA Adeniyi, C&SC Gwagwalada, South-West; Ag. ACG HK Gummi, T&T, North-West;  Ag.ACG AG Sa’idu, ICT, North-Central; Ag. ACG UG Mohammed, E,I&I, North-West; Ag.ACG SM Modibbo, ZONE B HQ, North-East and Ag.ACG SMU Dakingari, DOCTRINE&DEV (TRADOC), North-West.  

 ‘’The Service As can be seen above, those who have chosen to impugn Northernization or any other sentiments are far from the truth.

‘’The intention of those promoting this negative narrative is suspect as the same people did not come out to shout ‘marginalization’ when due to disciplinary issues, 2 ACGs from the same zone of North-West were affected by Forced Retirement and Dismissal. It is therefore surprising that these people will wish their replacements came from different zones.

‘’As a Federal Government agency, NCS has and abides strictly by the rules governing Recruitment, Promotion and Appointment into the Management cadre,’’ said the Service, urging Nigerians to ignore ‘’this mischievous twist’’

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