Nigeria loses billions to foreign licensed customs agencies – Farinto …Indigenization will top ANLCA agenda

Dr. Kayode Farinto, Vice President of ANLCA

By Gboyega Oni

A Vice Presidential Candidate of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Dr. Kayode Farinto has said that the indigenization of customs brokerage shall top the agenda of the new leaders that will emerge from the March 2018 national elections of the association.

According to Farinto, the new executive, as soon as it comes into office, will forward an indigenization bill to the National Assembly and when it becomes law it will save the nation millions of jobs and billions of Naira that is carted away yearly by foreigners, mostly Indians and Lebanese who operate customs brokerage in the country.

Farinto, who is the current National Publicity Secretary of ANLCA, made this known in an interview with PortNewsNigeria on why he was contesting for the office of Vice President of the association. He blamed the federal government for issuing licenses to foreigners because of its failure to enforce the 1970 Indigenization Law, noting that the customs brokerage indigenization bill will boost national security and stop foreigners from having unfettered access into the nation’s seaports, which are a sensitive security area.

‘We are going to have a lot of challenges – presentation/passage of the customs brokerage indigenization bill by the National Assembly and others. The indigenization bill will create millions of jobs and generate billions of revenue to the coffers of the government. We are going to pursue them when we assume office to a logical conclusion,’ said Farinto.

Farinto, who had served in other various capacities including Chairman of ANLCA Tin Can Island Port chapter, informed that he is contesting for the office to provide a quality, purposeful representation for members particularly the youths who yearn for an effective leadership. He said maritime industry is an innovative and dynamic one and time has come for trusted people, knowledgeable people, people with high integrity to lead ANLCA to put an end to the recycling of old hands who have failed the association and who cannot cope and be in tune with the speed of change in the industry.

He noted that the present ANLCA has been relegated to the background in the government fiscal policy formulation for the industry and opined that as the next Vice President he will contribute meaningfully to all the programmes the new executive will initiate towards repositioning ANLCA for it to gain its rightful place in the industry and government recognition.

Speaking on the successes recorded by the ANLCA, Farinto attributed all these to the quality leadership of Prince Olayiwola Shittu, the incumbent President. He said under him, ANLCA has a befitting secretariat and gained international recognition as a member of FIATA, saying Shittu has performed well where others have failed.

‘I will score President Shittu 85 percent while others may score him 90. He has performed well where others have failed, with little or nothing he has taken ANLCA to the international stage. ANLCA is now a member of many international customs brokers associations among them is FIATA,’ he said.

Dr. Kayode Farinto is a seasoned customs licensed agent who has contributed positively towards the growth of ANLCA, customs brokerage and the nation’s maritime industry. He is an eloquent speaker whose opinions and views have impacted on the industry. He is the Publisher of Ports, Entertainment and Business (PEB Gist) magazine.

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