Ojo Akintoye emerges as Tincan Port IFFN Chairman

Mr Ojo Peter Akintoye, the Managing Director of Danmeyaki Investment Limited, has been elected as the Chairman of Tincan Island port chapter of the International Freight Forwarders of Nigeria (IFFN).

Akintoye said his number one mission as Chairman of IFFN is to work out an environment conducive for customs agents and freight forwarders to thrive. “This has been my goal for several years, I want our colleagues to function in a relaxed environs where their services are appreciated by the customs and other government agencies, not where they feel intimidated or like a junior partner in the industry.”

The first step Mr. Akintoye took on assumption of office was to tackle the menace of too frequent customs alerts on clearing documents which leads to delay and avoidable demurrage. To this end, Ojo and his officers met with the Tincan CIU leadership to discuss the matter while expressing agents disapproval of it.

“We have met the CIU in Tincan on this alert problem and thankfully our efforts are yielding good results, because we are aware that the customs authorities have written to all gate officers that duly released consignment by DC Terminal should not be subjected to alert delays by CIU anymore. The implementation has begun and more of these positive developments through us are in the offing,” enthused the new Chairman.

Tincan IFFN will have a new spacious secretariat in the Tincan Island port axis within a few weeks, according to Mr. Akintoye. “The secretariat will have a decent space for medicals, a sick bay with a Nurse or a visiting Doctor where First Aid will be applied, and blood pressure and temperature can be examined freely by our members. You know our job is energy and pressure exacting,” explained Ojo Akintoye.

The IFFN Chairman said IFFN and other unions such as ANLCA and NAGAFF are complementary in vision and functions which was why he invited all chapter chairmen of these associations to his inauguration in August.

Ojo Akintoye is the first Executive Chairman of Tincan port IFFN.


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