President Zuma charges Africa to develop its ocean economies

Onne Port

South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma has said that it is vital for Africa to further the development of its ocean economies, saying that his country is at the forefront of this.

Zuma stated this when he delivered the opening speech at TOC Africa CSC conference in Durban last week.

“The maritime sector is critical for Africa’s rise in global trading. Over 90% of Africa’s trade is moved by sea and it is, therefore, vitally important that coastal countries continue to expand their ports, develop their maritime industries and improve their infrastructure (road and rail connections) to the continent’s landlocked nations.

“It is vital that Africa develops its ocean economies further, and we in South Africa are at the forefront of this.

“Our ‘Operations Phakisa’ programme is generating new investment and creating jobs, and will boost our economic growth.

“Once we get the infrastructure right, our continent will surely see the results in terms of foreign direct investment.

“You will agree with me that, indeed, the continent is an attractive destination for economic investment,” said Zuma.

The president stressed the need for Africa to embrace new technology and digitalisation. “These provided opportunities to create more entrepreneurs and for public and private enterprises to work together in building a better Africa.”

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