SAHCO acquires electric, eco-friendly ground handlers

Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) PLC has acquired fully-electric and eco-friendly ground support equipment to boost its operations.

According to Mrs. Vanessa Uansohia, Manager, Corporate Communications, SAHCO PLC, the machines are manufactured by a French company, Charlatte Manutention.

Uansohia noted with pride that SAHCO is the first aviation ground handling company in Nigeria to acquire this latest model of technology.

‘’SAHCO is the first Aviation Ground Handling Company in Nigeria to acquire this latest model of technology. The electric tractors require little maintenance and use rechargeable batteries thereby making them cost-effective compared to diesel-powered tractors. They are also ergonomically designed which helps with making maneuvering on the ramp easy which is essential to provide safe, speedy and efficient services to clients.

‘’Furthermore, the tractors are built to be rugged, reliable and suitable for the rugged terrain of the Nigerian climate. The zero-emission ground support equipment is environmentally friendly machines that do not emit air pollutants and are noiseless to the users,’’ she said.

Uansohia maintained that SAHCO always leads the pace in investing in ultra-modern ground handling equipment and warehouses, innovations and quality service deliveries.

She said that the Engineering and Maintenance unit of the company recently built solar-powered, non-contact handwashing/sanitizing stations from locally sourced materials.

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