SIFAX Haulage boss backs enforcement of truck standardisation programme

The Executive Director, SIFAX Haulage & Logistics Limited, Henry Ajetunmobi, has described the new move on enforcement of Minimum Standard of Safety and Road Worthiness (MSSRW) for all trucks entering Nigerian ports as great initiative to enhance safety at the seaports.

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) recently entered into partnership to enforce the MSSRW for all trucks. Ajetunmobi, said all the relevant government agencies need to take seriously the strict enforcement of the policy.

He said: “I can tell you that a good number of trucks around the ports are sub-standard and not fit for logistics business. Such trucks could impact the safety of cargo and people. That’s why I believe the standardization policy is not only good, but also timely.

“The policy has great potentials to enhance safety at the ports. But like everything else, potentials alone are necessary, but not enough; the process fully needs to be strengthened by effective compliance monitoring and enforcement.”

On what would be the benefits of the policy for logistics operators that comply with the policy, Ajetunmobi said: “It is clear that any maritime haulage business company that is certified to meet the standardization requirements has all it takes to boast of being a competent, efficient and law-abiding corporate citizen.

It also proves that such a company, like SIFAX Haulage, can be trusted to be fully compliant with the set rules and regulations of the government and those of its regulatory agencies.

He explained that SIFAX Haulage has always positioned itself as a leader in the haulage and logistics chain through regular maintenance of its truck fleet as at when due which is aimed at ensuring that its status of road-worthiness is at a level that is acceptable nationally and within the industry.

“SIFAX Haulage was one of the first maritime haulage companies to meet NPA’s minimum standards of safety and road-worthiness in 2016, and for which the trucks in its fleet were issued approval documents. Our haulage arsenal boasts of 55 brand new fleets which have been certified by all relevant agencies such as Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO), Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)”.

“Our trucks are fitted with speed limiting devices, tracking devices, Goods-in-Transit Insurance, brand new fleet heads and other state of the art technologies that ensure safety of goods and personnel. SIFAX Haulage compliance status establishes a clear distinction between her and other competitors that may want to compromise standards or cut corners, primarily because they have no name to protect and project,” he said.