Smart mart container project grows

A data analytics company has joined a smart container project to provide the technology to help answer questions on logistical efficiency, sustainability and the future of technology in the supply chain.

Traxens committed to the Port of Rotterdam’s #WeAre42 smart container project, first announced in May, by officially becoming a key partner. The air pollution-monitoring smart container with solar panels will determine how much power a container can generate during any given journey.

The container is equipped with Traxens’ device and communication technology that will generate IoT data via its platform, Traxens Hub. The technology will measure changes in everything from vibration, acceleration, position and sound to local air pollution, temperature and humidity.

“We are very happy to welcome Traxens to the Container 42 journey. We believe the digitization of Rotterdam’s port services will contribute to even safer, swifter and more reliable forwarding of cargo,” said Erwin Rademaker, programme manager Port of Rotterdam. “At some point in the future, it will also enable Rotterdam to accommodate autonomous shipping in its port area.”

Container 42 will leave the Port of Rotterdam for the first leg of a two-year data-collecting mission around the world.

The foundations for the project are formed by the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s existing Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The port authority uses this cloud-based platform to collect and process data coming in from sensors installed throughout the port area.

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