Stakeholders cooperation moving PTML Command forward – Obe

The recent upsurge in cargo throughput and its attendant hyper activities in the customs cargo clearance at the Grimaldi PTML customs command has been attributed to a new-found operational synergy among vital stakeholders operating there.
This was the submission of Elder Samuel Oluwole Obe, the chapter Chairman for the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA). Obe said his administration was the mastermind of these positive developments sequel to series of stakeholders meetings and fora which he organised where solutions to the command’s problems were worked-out.
“On my assumption of office, with my team we held several meetings with stakeholders on how to make PTML command regain its groove and today our efforts are bearing fruits. You can see increasing vessel and cargo traffic to our port here. All the stakeholders, including Customs Grimaldi and PTML and licensed agents are busy and happy. I have no issue with Grimaldi as a group, they are very supportive. Working with PTML management and the customs management under Comptroller Mrs Aremu has been fine and wonderful, and all of us are reaping the fruit of our labour”, explained the ANLCA Chairman
Obe told PortNewsNigeria that as of his administrative achievement, he tackled and rid the chapter of thuggery and touting. We have eliminated touting and thuggery here; you must be a licensed customs agent to work at PTML before embodying his capture in a biometric data base given by the terminal operator, PTML Limited.
Most importantly, the Chairman disclosed that a new befitting secretariat will soon be built by his administration where agents can come to sort out important documentations. “We have already been allocated a land space by the NPA and we will soon put up a structure for our people’s comfort” he concluded.
Meanwhile the Chairman said that there are plans to add fresh impetus to his administrative operational machine so as to achieve more landmarks in the near future. “We will introduce new ideas and new personalities will be invited to join ANLCA PTML to move the chapter forward”. We have to rejig for optimal performance,” he submitted.

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