Tank container organisations complete merger

Reg Lee, ITCO President, (left), at the ITCO Members Meeting in Amsterdam – congratulating Andrew Bishop of Fort Vale on the company’s 50th Anniversary.

The merger of the International Tank Container Organization and the Asian Tank Container Organisation gives the tank container industry a single global voice.


The merger of ITCO (the International Tank Container Organisation) and @TCO (the Asian Tank Container Organisation), came into effect on 1 January 2018.


“Operating under the brand of the International Tank Container Organisation (incorporating both ITCO and @TCO), the newly merged organisation will continue to develop the programme of work that ITCO is undertaking, while also integrating and maintaining the projects that @TCO has developed over the past six years. Most of the Members of @TCO have accepted an invitation to join ITCO, thereby strengthening the Organisation’s profile in Asia”, ITCO noted in a statement.


To improve the standard of tank container cleaning in the Asian market, @TCO had developed a Tank Container Depot Audit Scheme, “aimed at setting a quality benchmark for tank cleaning and repair – equivalent to the standards observed in Europe and North America. More than 25 depots have passed @TCO’s strict inspection procedures and are entitled to display the @TCO audit placard at their premises and are also invited to join ITCO as new TSP [Tank Service Provider] members”, ITCO stated.


ITCO will not lose focus on the Asian market, and noted that its “Tank Container Village” at Transport Logistic China 2016 in Shanghai in May will provide a strong focus on tank containers in the region. A European meeting will be held in September and an Asian regional meeting in Singapore in November.


Commenting on the merger, ITCO President Reg Lee stated: “As the elected President of both organisations, I am delighted to be able to confirm that we have completed the merger of ITCO and @TCO into one combined organisation which will now represent the tank container industry globally. Our ITCO members can offer the safest, most cost-effective, mode of transporting bulk Liquid chemicals when operated as part of a door-to-door global logistics liquid supply chain.”


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