Terberg delivers electronic BC202-EV Body Carriers to Deutsche Post

Terberg says it has delivered two of its recently introduced new generation fully electric BC202-EV swap body carriers to Deutsche Post.

According to a press statement made available to our reporter, Deutsche Post already tested the electric vehicle earlier this year and the highly positive experience led the company to decide to invest in two BC202-EV body carrier tractors.

The vehicles feature battery packs with a total capacity of 148 kWh. Deutsche Post opted for a high-current charger, delivering up to 150 kWh per hour. As a result, the battery packs can be fully charged in one hour.

In 2019 Deutsche Post opened a completely new distribution centre, one of the company’s largest in Germany, in Bochum. The new body carriers will be deployed at this facility.

About the new electric driveline

The performance of the new electric motor is similar to that of a tractor with a diesel engine, and it does not lead to CO2 and NOx emissions at the point of use. The low noise and low vibrations further enhance the driver’s experience.

The new electric drive system has fewer moving parts than one based on a diesel engine or the previous EV generation, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Customers can select a battery capacity option best suited to their operations.

The new batteries are temperature-controlled (TMS) and so they are resistant to both very high and very low ambient temperatures, making this EV technology suitable for worldwide operation.

About the Terberg Swap Body Carrier

The Terberg Body Carrier excels at shunting swap bodies at distribution centres due to its agility and small turning circle. The design accommodates a range of swap body types and there are several options for locking the bodies to the vehicle. BC units can optionally be fitted with a lifting fifth wheel to handle semitrailers.

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