Fallen Container: Traffic to Apapa port moving now

Vehicular movement in and out of Apapa, home of the nation’s premier port, Lagos Port Complex, which was chaotic earlier today, is now moving after a container that blocked the road was removed.

The traffic, according to information, was caused by a 40ft container which fell off a MACK truck around 4am at the foot of the bridge of the road into the port city at Leventis area.  The container blocked the road completely.

The road was reopened for traffic after the container was removed by a combined effort of the Lagos State Traffic Management (LASTMA), Police and other traffic management agencies.

According into information available to PortNews, the accident happened around 4am in the morning. A Mack truck loaded with 40-ft container fell on its side blocking the entire Apapa bridge at Leventis while ascending inward Ijora leaving Apapa. All vehicular movements outbound Apapa from Area B were diverted to Leventis corridor on the service lane.

The information noted that rescue operation restricted traffic on Apapa inbound at Mobil and outbound at Area B for the rescue crane positioned on the inbound lane to remove the container.

The information maintained that congestion was expected inbound after the rescue.

‘’The road has been re-opened for both inbound and outbound movement of vehicles,’’ noted the information.

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