Wale Adeniyi heads new Murtala Mohammed International Airport Command

Comptroller Wale Adeniyi

Comptroller Wale Adeniyi has been appointed by the Comptroller General of Customs Hameed Ali as the new Customs Area Controller of Murtala Mohammed International Airport Command, Ikeja, Lagos.

His appointment is sequel to the splitting of some commands by the Comptroller General of Customs into two. The Murtala Mohammed International Airport command is one of the affected commands. The airport now boasts of two commands namely Murtala Mohammed Airport which covers cargo sheds- SAHCO and NAHCO and Murtala Mohammed International Airport covering the international airport.

Until his appointment, Comptroller Wale Adeniyi was the Deputy Commandant of the Nigeria Customs Training College in Abuja. He had also served creditably as the National Public Relations Officer of the Service for several years.

In a brief chat with PortNews, the Public Relations Officer of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Command, Mr. Ephraim noted that Comptroller Jane Shoboiki is still in charge of Murtala Mohammed Airport Command as Comptroller Wale Adeniyi now heads the International Airport Command.

Ephraim said that before the splitting of the Command into two, the international airport was headed by a Deputy Comptroller under the old command.  

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