WCO makes case for sustainable ocean development

The need for collective action in closing the gap between investors and transformational projects is strong for ocean sustainable development, says the World Ocean Council (WCO).

The Chief Operating Officer of the Council Christine Valentin made the statement at the recent at the One Planet Summit in Paris, Farance.

The WOC joined its voice in the call of the Summit to find new ways of financing adaptation, mitigation and resiliency to climate change.

The WOC also works on ensuring that Corporate Ocean Responsibility is at the core of new business models developed by the maritime industry and fostering the financial support of private and public investors to ocean sustainability projects. Through its network, it aims at creating fruitful collaboration between the maritime industry and investors.

In particular, the WOC, through its Ocean Investment Platform (a global framework to advance finance for ocean sustainable development) entices sovereign wealth funds and pension funds to invest in the sustainable development of the ocean economy. These institutions are at the forefront of low-carbon investments in innovation and technologies to mitigate and adapt to climate change consequences.

As a reminder, the WOC Ocean Investment Platform advances the collaboration with investors in identifying opportunities for financing ocean sustainable development, develops a global structure and process for facilitating and accelerating investment in ocean sustainable development and explores the long-term investment opportunities in the growing ocean economy.

The aim of the One Planet Summit, launched in June 2017 is to address the emergency for funding the National Determined Commitments of the COP21. International leaders gathered in Paris to discuss the opportunities for the public and private funds, banks, insurances and organizations to bring their support to many committed projects.

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