WOC seals partnership for use of LNG for marine fuel

To advance the global fuel economy transition, the World Ocean Council (WOC) and LNG Marine Fuel Institute (LNG MFI) have forged a partnership to advance for use of LNG as a marine fuel, and the research and development of technical standards, regulations and management strategies for LNG in the global shipping trade.

The LNG Marine Fuel Institute (LNG MFI) is a members-based organization committed to establishing LNG as a primary fuel for marine transportation. Its membership comprises the full LNG marine fuel supply chain. Together with its members, LNG MFI is working towards its vision through: connecting stakeholders and experts, researching and creating knowledge to provide up-to-date, independent information for informed discussions and advocating and growing community knowledge

Margot Matthews, CEO of LNG Marine Fuel Institute, said, “The World Ocean Council brings together international industry leaders in ocean sustainable development, stewardship and science, and is a consummate partner for LNG Marine Fuel Institute. Working in partnership with WOC will provide our members greater access to information and connections. Both organizations are committed to ensuring this partnership is brought to life and not just words on paper.”

Paul Holthus, WOC Founding President and CEO, added, “The LNG Marine Fuel Institute is working to decarbonize shipping, fisheries and other ocean industries. As the Global Blue Economy Business Organization, the WOC provides an international platform to bring leadership companies from the ocean business and investment community to engage with LNG MFI to advance the important global fuel economy transition.”

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