Kalmar books FLTs for Antwerp Euroterminal

Kalmar will supply six FLTs of varying specifications, including one fully electric model, along with a Kalmar Complete Care service contract. It is also introducing medium capacity Li-ion battery FLTs capable of fast-charging Antwerp Euroterminal, part of Grimaldi group, is the largest ro-ro/multipurpose terminal in Europe and already operates a fleet of around 20 Kalmar FLTs with lifting capacities ranging from 12 to 37 tons.

The order comprises two medium forklifts with lifting capacities of 12 tons, one of which will be the first fully electric Kalmar forklift to be delivered in Belgium; three Kalmar G-generation heavy duty FLTs for demanding applications such as steel and wood handling, and a Kalmar F-generation heavy duty FLT designed specifically for the heaviest, most challenging lifting operations.

All servicing for the new machines will be handled by the local Kalmar team located on site at the terminal, under a Kalmar Complete Care service contract.

Separately, Kalmar, is introducing a medium electric FLT powered by Li-ion battery technology. It is the first FLT in Kalmar’s medium-capacity range to be powered by Li-ion batteries, and the technology will initially be available for several models with a wheelbase of 3,500 mm.

Without reporting the particular chemical composition of the Li-ion batteries selected, Kalmar says they can be fast-charged during breaks in work, eliminating the need for dedicated charging and changing areas, and that a full charge can be achieved in less than two hours.

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