Aircraft MRO: Rolls-Royce, IATA agree to boost service

Rolls-Royce, an aircraft engine manufacturer, has restated its commitment to an open and competitive approach to its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in an agreement it signed with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

According to IATA, the agreement document was finalized after several months of productive and collaborative dialogue on industry best practices for engine MRO services.

Both organizations are aligned on four key principles that underpin the Rolls-Royce approach to the MRO ecosystem and are included in the official statement: Rolls-Royce does not prevent the development of legitimate non-OEM parts or non-OEM repairs by MRO providers and independent parts manufacturers, as long as they are approved by the appropriate airworthiness regulator;  Rolls-Royce’s policy is to grant airlines, lessors and MRO providers non-discriminatory access to OEM parts, repairs and support (including access to Rolls-Royce Care);  Rolls-Royce does not discriminate against airlines, lessors or MRO providers that use non-OEM parts or repairs and  Rolls-Royce will not insist that airlines or lessors subscribe to Rolls-Royce services.

According to the agreement, among those expected to benefit are airlines, aircraft and engine lessors, and organizations wishing to provide MRO services for Rolls-Royce engines. 

Speaking on the development, Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director-General, said “This statement is timely as the post-COVID-19 restart will see an acute need to repair damaged finances while operating at the highest standards of safety and reliability. 

“Rolls-Royce has taken a proactive approach in working with us on this commitment that will stimulate a more open MRO industry and have a long-lasting impact in the market. 

“Competition spurs innovation and creativity while typically driving down costs, helping to keep air travel affordable. We look forward to other OEMs making similar commitments.”

Chris Cholerton, President Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, said “We welcome this agreement that recognises our ongoing commitment to providing customers with a flexible, capable and competitive MRO offering. 

“We appreciate that an open and balanced ecosystem of MRO providers allows airlines to have access to greater choice and competitive pricing.”

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