An outlook of cargo handling operations at Lagos Ports and Calabar Port

Lagos Ports

20 ships laden with containers, general cargo, and frozen fish already at the anchorage are yet to have the opportunity to berth in terminals at Apapa Port and Tincan Island Port in Lagos, Nigeria.

According to a shipping position released by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), many of these ships arrived late June and others early July 10, 2020.

The shipping position noted that 11 container ships out of the 20 ships are scheduled to berth at APM Terminals, 6 container ships going to Tincan Island Containers Terminal (TICT), 2 ships with frozen fish and general cargo are for ENL and one for Greenview Development Nigeria Limited (GDNL).

While these terminal operators are rolling the sleeves of their shirts to make arrangement for their safe berth, the following shipping agents Maersk, COSCO and Hull Blyth will provide shipping logistics for ships coming to APM Terminals; APS will handle that of GDNL; CMA/CGM, Maersk and PIL will provide shipping services for ships scheduled for TICT; GMT and SAMCHAM are billed to take responsibilities for those coming to ENL.

Not done yet with these 20 ships by these two ports, another 17 ships, according to NPA, are leaving other seas for Apapa port. They are expected to hit the port by July 20, 2020.  

According to NPA, the ships laden with bulk wheat, container, general cargo, bulk salt, Premium Motor Spirit, among others are coming to GDNL, ENL, Eko Support Service, APM Terminals, Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited (ABLT), BOP, SBM, and PWA/NOJ.   

These shipping companies – Allison, APS, Bluestar, COSCO, Golden, LANSAL, Super Maritime, WAPS, White Waters, SIFAX, Trans Atlantic, GMTS, and Dalimfiz – will provide logistics for easy discharge of their contents.

Calabar Port

ECM Terminals is having it good now at Calabar Port. Five out of the six ships that are being expected to come to the port between July 10 and July 21, 2020, will berth at ECM Terminals.

These ECM Terminals ships are laden with bulk wheat, Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), and gypsum. The last ship is imballast and is going to Shoreline.

According to a shipping position released by NPA, Maylon Port, Champion Log and WAPS will provide shipping logistics for the ships billed for ECM Terminals while St. Jerome Shipping is for Shoreline.  

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