APM Terminals rolls out truck appointment system

APM Terminals says it will become the first container operator in Liberia to roll out a truck appointment system for container pick-up and drop-offs from mid-November 2021.

APM Terminals said during the transition period, it will still be possible to pick-up/drop-off containers without an appointment.

The container terminal operators noted that it would encourage its customers to use the Truck Appointment System (TAS) during this pilot period to benefit from the many advantages it can offer.

“The pilot will give customers the opportunity to experience the product and share feedback before we start charging reasonable fees. Full details can be found at our website,” said APM Terminals Liberia.

APM Terminals Liberia noted that TAS is reliable once an appointment is confirmed loading is assured; efficient – faster Truck Turn Times and less queuing; ease of entry – no loading slip is required therefore rejection of loading slip is eliminated and loading guaranteed; cost reduction – faster pick-ups/drop-offs means more transactions per day; and improved planning – Increased visibility of peak moment for improved planning.

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