APMT Liberia prioritizes service for container rice cargo

APM Terminals has introduced a priority gate-out service for containerized rice cargo and optional block-stacking, to support rice importers at its terminal in Liberia. The terminal will also commence a Truck Appointment System pilot next month, to help reduce queues and truck turn times at the terminal.

According to APM Terminals Liberia, Priority gate-out provides importers with rapid access to their cargo, by enabling them to circumvent possible delays at the main out gate. On request, cargo is prepared for immediate pick-up following discharge. Priority Gate-Out complies with national and international legislation with high quality and safety standards.

The terminal operator added that block-stacking, sometimes known as peel off or personal stacks, is also available on request. This addresses the problem of retrieving the desired container from a stack, by segregating the containers destined for a single beneficial cargo owner.

Cargo is consolidated in the yard and available for pick up in one shift. Containers are distributed from the top of the stack on one truck to the next truck, until all cargo is delivered. This results in significant improvements in cargo pick-up time.

APM Terminals Liberia has set up a dedicated gate office to handle priority gate-out containers. Customers receive a tailored service to meet their exact requirements and will be kept informed of the status of their containers with real-time follow-up via WhatsApp.

APM Terminals will verify customs clearance documentation prior to delivery and ensure customs presence at the priority gate to mitigate any potential delays. Delivery will be executed within free time once documentation is in order, avoiding potential storage costs.

Next month, APM Terminals Liberia will also start a pilot using APM Terminals global Truck Appointment System. Tried and tested at other terminals around the world, the Truck Appointment System has been shown to reduce gate-in/out delays as the necessary information is provided in advance.

Truck Turn Times within the terminal is also much faster as the terminal ensures your container is ready for pick up during your allocated time slot. And ultimately, queues at the terminal are reduced as there are a maximum number of appointments

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