Autonomous truck shows up at DUSS in Ulm

ANITA stands for Autonome Innovation im Terminalablauf. The project partners are MAN Truck & Bus SE, Deutsche Bahn AG, Götting KG and Fresenius University. It is supported to the tune of €5.5M by the German federal ministry for economy and energy and is set to last 39 months.

At present, the digital infrastructure with all the necessary interfaces is being installed. The autonomous truck will always have an experienced test driver from MAN on board in case of emergencies, but the intention is to position it under the container cranes or alongside reach stackers or ECH trucks for (un)loading in real conditions.

Dr. Sigrid Nikutta, CEO of DB Cargo, explained: “We need to offer efficient and innovative intermodal transport opportunities and we hope ANITA will be an important step in the direction of Terminal 4.0.

MAN Truck & Bus has developed the vehicle especially for the project and Fresenius University is responsible for digitising terminal procedures to ensure efficient and safe handover of containers. Götting KG is developing the obstacle detection system.

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