Brexit: Grimaldi adopts Malta flag for vessels

Grimaldi Group says its Atlantic Container Line (ACL) has adopted the Malta flag for its nine vessels and dropped the Union Jack following the Brexit.

In another development, another company of Grimaldi, Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd (MMOS) recently purchased two additional vessels: the ro/ro units Eurocargo Catania and Eurocargo Sicilia.

According to Grimaldi in a statement, these developments would strengthen its presence in Malta while showing its full commitment in promoting the country’s maritime vocation.

“Atlantic Container Line (ACL), a Grimaldi Group company, has proceeded to reflag its fleet in the last six months, leaving the Union Jack and opting for the Malta flag. A total of nine vessels of ACL are currently under the Maltese flag while another one is due to be added in the next few months. ACL operates the biggest con/ro vessels in the world, offering a liner service between various North European and North American ports for the transport of rolling units and containers.

“Moreover, Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd (MMOS), a Grimaldi Group company, has recently strengthened its fleet with the purchase of two additional vessels: the ro/ro units Eurocargo Catania and Eurocargo Sicilia. Currently, Valletta-based MMOS has a fleet of six modern ro/ro vessels and operates various regular maritime services in the Mediterranean. 

“Particularly, MMOS runs, in cooperation with the Grimaldi Group, a regular service between mainland Italy (Genoa, Livorno, Salerno and Catania) and Malta, under a Public Service Obligation contract with the Maltese Government, thus guaranteeing the shipment of essential commodities into the country.

“With a view of promoting maritime education in Malta, MMOS has a permanent cooperation agreement with MCAST – Maritime Institute for the training of sea cadets onboard its vessels. Hundreds of young Maltese cadets have received training so far, many of whom have also been hired by Grimaldi Group companies,” said the statement.

“We are very proud to contribute to strengthening our long affiliation with the Maltese Islands, its people and its industry. Having been present for over half a century in Malta is a demonstration of our commitment to the wellbeing of this nation whom we intend to serve with increasingly modern and eco-friendly vessels,” said Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director of the Grimaldi Group and Vice-President of the Malta International Shipping Council.

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