Cabotage Compliance Strategy to secure jobs for Nigerians – NIMASA DG

Image Courtesy: BSM

By Gboyega Oni

A New Cabotage Compliance Strategy (NCCS) has been intoriduced by the Nigerian Maritime Adminstration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) towards the actualization of a successful coastal and inland trade regime in the country.
According to a release, NCCS was introduced by NIMASA to ensure full implementation of the Cabotage Act for the benefits of Nigerians.
The release said Dr. Dakuku Peterside, the NIMASA Director General had earlier disclosed that the Agency came up with NCCS to secure jobs for qualified Nigerians in the maritime sector.
Under the NCCS regime, the release said Peterside stated that NIMASA shall no longer consider applications for grant of waiver on manning for prescribed categories of officers in vessels engaged in Cabotage trade.
“The era of foreigners taking over jobs that Nigerians are qualified for in the maritime sector is over. The NCCS will point a new direction to our Cabotage regime as the Agency will no longer consider application for grant of waiver on manning requirements for vessels engaged in coastal trade with regards to 2nd officer, 2nd engineer, 2nd mate down to able seamen, ratings and stewards,” said Peterside.
Special applications for Captains, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, First Mate in the absence of qualified Nigerians, according to NIMASA DG, shall be considered on merit, but on the condition that such organization will make a plan to train a Nigerian and put in place a transition plan to ensure that the Nigerian takes over the job within one year.
He said that the whole essence of this was to ensure that Nigerians are not deprived of the jobs due them on showing requisite qualifications for the job.
Peterside used the opportunity to assure stakeholders that the Agency will continue to work closely with them, adding that NIMASA will continue to support and promote indigenous participation in the Nigerian maritime sector.


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