CCECC to deliver Lagos-Ibadan rail in April

Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi inspecting the project

The Lagos-Ibadan Standard Guage Rail line will be delivered around April this year, despite all challenges.

Mr. Xia Lijun, Project Coordinator of China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation (CCECC) handling the project gave the assurance when he led some journalists on the Trial Running of the Lagos-Ibadan Standard Guage Rail line in Lagos.

“If we do not complete the project by April, we will be somewhere near completion level by then,” the CCECC coordinator said. Industry watchers however remained unconvinced of the April date, positing that they expect new ‘justifiable’ excuses.

Lijun acknowledged the project’s speed in Lagos axis was reduced, but said it was due to the urban development and other peculiarities of Lagos.

“This project is one of the fastest projects  that  China is doing in  any country. If not for the complexities of Lagos, this project should have been completed since last year.

“Today, we see one gas pipe, tomorrow we see another and so many issues like this in the state. We are working hard to meet the deadline given by the Hon. Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi.

According to him, the efficiency of the firm reduces to less than one fifth in Lagos axis when compared to the usual speed of the project outside the state.

“The efficiency inside Lagos cannot reach one-fifth when compared to outside Lagos. The traffic in Lagos is worse too. We cannot have huge efficiency in Lagos corridor.

”We, however, have confidence that we will complete it up to what the minister wants. We will try our best. We have confidence that we will complete the project in good time,” he said.

On the work progress at the Apapa port axis, Lijun said the contractor through the Federal Government was talking with the port occupants on  the way the firm would work and complete the work as soon as possible.

He said  the track laying and stations had advanced appreciably.

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