CCP Shipping calls companies, individuals to ship through her

A leading shipping company, CCP International Shipping says it has put in place necessary logistics to commence seamless loading of containers from the USA to Nigeria while calling on all its customers and prospective ones to bring their items and packages for shipment.

CCP, in a statement, noted that the shipment will commence on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

“This is to notify you that we will be loading another container on Saturday, March 13, 2021; as part of our customer relation, we intend to update you so that you can bring your available items/packages that you will like to ship through our ocean transportation service,” CCP International Shipping said.

The company said it has the capacity to ship cars loaded with all your personal effects at a low cost; accidental cars runners on non-runner; ship bags through fixed rate, no weight no scale, ship boxes and other items starting from 1.10 cent per pound and  Express Doc Receipt for Roro service is available. 

The company maintained that its weekly air freighting from the USA to any destination in Nigeria has continued every Thursday in the last 14 years.

CCP also added that it is conducting an air freight service from its Lagos office to its Boston office calling on interested companies and individuals to advantage of this.

According to CCP, the following things are prohibited for export into the US – snails, catfish, meat products such as kilishi and suya.

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