China to build first AI zero-carbon terminal

Plans are in place to build “the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) zero-carbon terminal”.

China’s Port of Tianjin will develop and construct the ambitious terminal. The announcement was made at the Green and Safe Port Conference 2021 by China Ports and Harbours Association (CPHA), according to local media.

“Compared with other automated container terminals, the intelligent container terminal in section C is still building wind turbines and photovoltaics on site, allowing the terminal to use electricity for its own use, and truly achieve ‘zero carbon’ emissions,” said Chen Yanping, deputy general manager of Tianjin Port Group, Kexin facilities department.

Green energy supply

A green energy supply system incorporating wind and solar power will be built to match the terminal’s energy consumption and achieve the zero-emission goal. Port equipment will be powered by electricity.

Yanping explained: “In the initial stage of the terminal’s production, according to throughput calculations, we will install two wind turbines and install photovoltaics on the roof to achieve green energy supply.”

“Next year, we will install two new wind turbines in due course to match energy consumption with energy supply and realize dynamic zero carbon emissions of the zero-carbon terminal.”

Combining traditional cargo handling technology with automatic operation, the terminal’s energy consumption is expected to be reduced by 17%.

During the port’s 14th five-year plan period, it will focus on going carbon neutral, clean energy utilisation, low-carbon transportation, and green energy supply.

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