Customs PTML Command generated N1189 billion in 2020

Comptroller Okun

Nigeria Customs Service, PTML Command, Lagos, has stated that it generated One hundred and eighty-nine billion, three hundred and forty-seven million, five hundred and sixty-five thousand, three hundred and nine Naira (N189,347,565,309) in 2020 into the coffers of the Nigerian government.

This was stated by the Command Controller, Comptroller Festus Okun in a statement in Lagos during the week, stating that the amount represented 79% of the revenue target of Two hundred and thirty-eight billion, two hundred and twenty-four million, nine hundred and twenty thousand, thirty-eight Naira, eighty-eight kobo (N238,224,920,038.88) set for the Command by the customs authority for 2020.

According to Comptroller Okun, this figure indicated an increase of Thirty billion, eleven million, eighty-seven thousand, one hundred and sixteen Naira (N 30,011,086,116) when compared with the total revenue generated in the previous year 2019, which stood at one hundred and fifty-nine billion, three hundred and thirty-six million, four hundred and seventy-eight thousand, one hundred and ninety-three naira (N159,336,478,193). This represents an increase of nineteen percent (19%).

Okun disclosed that the year 2020 was a successful year for the command despite the COVID-19 as the command could discharge its core mandates of revenue generation, facilitation of legitimate trade, anti-smuggling activities and national security.

The command, the controller noted, handled export goods with a total tonnage of One hundred and fifty-one thousand, nine hundred and thirty-eight (151,938) metric tons, with a total Free On Board (FOB) value of One hundred and seventeen billion, three hundred and thirty-seven million, two hundred and thirty-four thousand, six hundred and sixty-six naira, sixty-seven kobo (117, 337, 234, 666.67).

During the year, the command made its first seizures in about six years; the seizure comprised 6x20ft containers of lightening soap and lotion with DPV of two hundred and eighty-seven million, nine thousand, seven hundred and forty-five Naira (N287,009,745.00).

He added that the seizure was made based on contravention of extant laws as soap is listed under Schedule 111 of the Common External Tariff (CET) Import Prohibition. The lotion on the other hand was falsely declared as bean seeds.

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