Customs to move overtime cargoes to Ikorodu

Nigeria's Comptroller General of Customs Hameed Ali

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) will today begin movement of overtime cargoes to Ikorodu Lighter Terminal as part of the measures to decongest the Lagos ports.
The Assistant Comptroller General of Customs Zone ‘A’, Kaycee Ekekezie had last week given the indication of the movement of the overtime containers to Ikorodu Lighter Terminal as part of the measures to create a conducive business environment at the Lagos ports.
Ekekezie who was in the Headquarters of NAGAFF for a courtesy visit had expressed concerns about the absence of government warehouses for overtime cargoes.
With the concession of the ports, the traditional government warehouses no longer exist as was the case before.
There are even palpable fears that the Ikorodo Lighter Terminal may still be lined up for concession by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).
If this happens, the management of the customs will be forced to look for alternative facility to keep such overtime cargoes.

The ACG had also blamed the shipping companies as part of the reason for the congestion at the ports for failing in their responsibility.

He said that the empty containers being returned by shipping are being left in the ports without being taken away, adding that this was one of the major causes of congestion.
He threatened that if the shipping companies continue to leave empty containers in the ports, the Customs Service will have no choice than to compel them to pay.

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