Economy: FG asked to work with National Assembly, Judiciary

President Muhammadu Buhari and Pastor G.O. Akinola

President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to consult with the leaders of the National Assembly and the Judiciary and seek for their inputs on any economic policy formulation and still carry them along in the implementation of the policy.
Comrade (Dr.) Gabriel Olukolade Akinola, an activist and President of the United Masses Association of Nigeria (UMAN) advised President Buhari in interview with PortNews in his office in Lagos.
He said Nigerian masses are going through difficult time because of economic policy summersault, saying the inputs of both the National Assembly and that of Judiciary would help the president to come up with appropriate policy that can move Nigeria and Nigerians out of the repressive recession.
He said the total ban on vehicles coming through the land borders was a misnomer as many people whose daily lives depend on the border would lose their means of livelihood, saying what the federal government ought to have done is to appraise duty for any importer wishing to import vehicles through borders.
According to him, “I may not (if he supports ban on vehicle coming through land borders) because the economic situation in the country. Government should have appraised duty instead of ban and charge Customs at borders to take charge of their duty and ensure that duty is collected.”
Speaking further, Akinola, who is also a freight forwarder, said the ban placed on some items has affected the business of freight forwarding, saying over 90 percent of freight forwarders are jobless.
“We want to advise this government that we do not want war in this country. Government should sit down and plan a good welfare package for Nigerians. At this time of hardship government is planning to reduce salaries of workers; this is callous and inhuman,” he said.
On the anti-corruption stance of the present administration, Comrade Akinola praised the stance as a welcome development but maintained that the government has done well by keeping the money recovered because of litigations, “asking who can fight government?”
He urged President Buhari to utilize the money recovered from the looters for the benefit of Nigerians, urging the government to go ahead and arrest looters of the nation’s wealth.
He said as the president of UMAN, he would continue to fight for the right of the downtrodden and ensure that government adhere to sanctity of human life, advising Nigerians to stay out of trouble as the difficult time will soon fade away.
“I will advise Nigerians to stay out of trouble; they should continue to pray for the nation,” Akinola admonished Nigerians.

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