ENL, AMPT, Greenview, ACJ, others to handle 21 vessels

Vessel discharging cargo at ENL Terminal

ENL Consortium, AP Moller Terminal, Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited, Greenview Nigeria Development Limited and other terminal operators in the Lagos Port Complex, Apapa would have their hands full between January 29 and February 9, 2019 as no few than 21 vessels laden with fish, containers, general cargo, bulk sugar, petroleum products are expected in the ports.

At ENL terminal, four vessels – Green Maloy and Green Karmoy – will discharge 4000 metric ton and 3500 metric ton of fish while both Tarma and Kota Bistari will come in with 15406 metric ton and 23321.78 metric ton of general cargo. The shipping agents that will service them are APS, GMT and PIL respectively.

Better known for container operations, APTM within this period will handle these seven vessels – CC Jaimaca, Seaspan Chiwan, Tommy Ritcher, Laust MSK, JPO Atair, Kota Sejati and Kota Salam. All these vessels will be laden with containers alone and they will be serviced by these shipping agents: CC Nig, COSCO, MSK, ONE and PIL.

In the port, two vessels – EM Ruby and Bluebill will discharge 1020 units of dumb trucks at the terminal of Greenview Nigeria Development Limited. EM Ruby is laden with 220 units while Bluebill handles 800 units. The terminal is expected to handle two vessels of Glovis Maine and Cressida laden with 44900 metric ton and 46900 metric ton of bulk sugar. All the four vessels are handled by Bluestar Shipping.

At Atlantic Cove Jetty, 109921 metric tons of petroleum motor spirit (PMS) will be discharged at the jetty by three vessels of Hellas Marianna (35000MT), British Captain (37000MT) and Nord Integrity (37921MT). All the vessels will be handled by West Atlantic Shipping.

Also at the Atlantic Cove Jetty, 11 vessels are awaiting to berth in the jetty.  Their shipping agents are Bluesea, Intership and West Atlantic.

Cape Esmeralda is laden with 5000 metric ton of base oil and will discharge at the terminal of Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited. The vessels will be handled by a shipping company, Allray Maritime Services Limited.

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