European Space Agency (ESA) seeks ocean industry input to developing space

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the World Ocean Council (WOC) say they are collaborating to advance the role of the agency in furthering ocean sustainable development.

The two organizations noted that the collaboration is in support of the “Blue Worlds Task Force” which brings together ESA Member States representatives and ESA experts to focus on the Blue Economy.

WOC, therefore, invites the European ocean business and industry participants to complete ESA’s short questionnaire on how space-based systems and data can help develop, safeguard and enable sustainable growth in the maritime sector. The survey closes on 7 March.

According to WOC, ocean-related companies, industry clusters and associations and other business stakeholders are encouraged to share their understanding, appreciation and expectations towards space assets, data and technologies with ESA.

The questionnaire explores the potential role of space in the maritime world as we move towards a greener and more sustainable maritime economy, while preserving the economic importance of activities at sea.

For 50 years ESA has been pooling the resources, ingenuity and industrial capability of a growing number of European countries (currently 22 Member States) to enable Europe to benefit from space-based systems and capabilities.

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