Fly higher, Chief Philip Kyanet

Philip Kyanet

Chief Philip Kyanet, the Deputy Director of Public Relations, of NIMASA, has retired after a meritorious service to the department, the maritime industry and Nigeria as a nation.

Thankfully, Kyanet, a Public Relations impresario, a soft-spoken gentleman, an organizer and a leader of men, will be sorely missed by his colleagues and gentlemen of the media.

Chief Kyanet has for long been the pivot and the springboard of socio-PR engineering at NIMASA and evidently, NIMASA, in spite of the whirlwind, the truculent mischief-makers all swarming around, has remained afloat with dignity among the family of respectable government parastatals. This is a big credit to NIMASA PR Unit. Arguably, NIMASA parades the best thoroughbred, high-performing public relations experts in the maritime industry and the spearhead of whom was Chief Kyanet over the past three decades.

Not one to be rattled by the pressure of heavy workload at NIMASA, Chief Philip Kyanet was constantly in his strides, attending to his duty with an uncanny elan that fetched him the respect of his colleagues.

In the past one year or so as the Head of the Public Affairs Department, Chief Kyanet surrounded by able-bodied and brilliant PR technocrats, was able to raise the ante of NIMASA -Public engagement.  The Deep Blue Sea project was launched with fun fare etching into the conscience of all Nigerians and even maritime nations worldwide of the enormous potentials of our seas; this successful conscientization and propaganda were pulled off by NIMASA PR-led brilliantly by Chief Kyanet.

NIMASA ever dances on the storm but Kyanet was able to keep the former steady and safe, for almost thirty years.

Surely, Chief Philip Kyanet, retired but not tired, will fly higher in his future endeavours.

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